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IZA KOCZANOWSKA (isla paradis) 
based in Rotterdam / Warsaw

I am an interdisciplinary artist and spatial architect creating projects at the intersection of performative photography, video, and installation in both physical and digital spaces. My works often take ephemeral forms, exist only in digital format, and blur the boundaries of the medium in which they were created. 

Research plays a pivotal role in my work, equal in importance to an empirical approach that often veers into the unpleasant. My works center around sociological emotional alienation, anxiety, and the desire to hide from the dysfunctions and disguises in the corporeal world. I investigate the defense mechanisms we construct to navigate the unyielding demands of capitalism and the existential threats posed by global warming and migration crises.

I am deeply moved by observing the daily exhaustion caused by the inability to catch up with an undefined goal, by post-primitive rituals, the search for retreats, the need for renewal, the sacralization of space, and various hybrid and temporary forms of life.



2023 - 2025 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL
2016 - 2016 École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts, Paris, FR
2013 - 2016 Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia art, Krakow, PL
2009 - 2013 Academy of Fine Arts, Interior architecture, Krakow, PL


2022 Snehta, Art Residency, Athens, GR
2019 Sesama, Art Residency, Yogyakarta, IN
2018 Isthisit ? Online Art Residency, London, UK


Black Holes, CSW Torun, PL
Archiwum błekitnej humanistyki, Dom Norymberski, Krakow, PL

Poetic Terrain, Victoria Square Project, Athens, GR (ICW Ruby Reding)
Desire Lines, Snehta Gallery, Athens, GR
Widoki, MOS, International Interior Design Biennal, Krakow, PL
Zdroj, Fffriedrich Gallery, Frankfurt, DE (ICW Alicja Wysocka)
Spring Equinox performance, Hestia Gallery, Belgrad, SRB
No fucking Title, arium.xyz, Galeria Smierc Frajerom, Warsaw, PL

The Day of typiara from blok in PL, Performance, Jak Zapomniec, Krakow, PL
Dzien Milosci Miedzygatunkowej, Remedy, Pamoja, Krakow, PL
Kuku Bima, Sesama, Yogyakarta, IN (solo)

Kapitał kolektywny, Muzeum Historii Spółdzielczosci, Warsaw, PL (ICW Alicja Wysocka)
Don’t worry, Nadmiar festiwal, Galeria Nosna, Krakow, PL
System doskonały, Ada Puławska, Warsaw, PL
Polska naszych marzeń, Al. Ujazdowskie 8, Warsaw, PL
IN OUT Festival, CSW Łaznia, Gdansk, PL  
Galeria JEST, Wroclaw, PL Film Festival, Galeria Studio, Warsaw, PL

Rozkwit, Dream Adoption Society, Warsaw, PL
Post real life, Pracownia Duzy Pokój, Warsaw, PL (solo)
Video Art Screening, Cyborgs, Portland, US
Video Art Screening, Nadmiar, Warsztat, Krakow, PL
Rewia performatywna, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk, PL (ICW)
BYOB, Wyspa Tamka, Wroclaw, PL
Performance 69, New Aliens and SOTC, Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ (ICW Justyna Gorowska)