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An ‘Isla’ embodies a new, yet transformed area. Where all systems are the result of socio-ecological disaster. Those who reach the island are in fact survivors of the wreckage, be it physical, ecological or cultural. Their dysfunctional remains are the basis for the creation of islands, which are themselves the result of a process of adaptation by the exiles, of separation from civilisation with its legal system, and of phenomena such as climate catastrophe, technological overdevelopment, moral relativism, sociological and urban problems.


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Performative interventions in the city,
photographies, collages printed on costume, leaftlets, video, patterns lines, clay sculpture 120 x 80 cm, marbles
Snehta Residency, Athens

Text by curator Eleni Riga

‘Taking on fear, Koczanowska creates new works utilizing technology and assimilating city’s architectural elements. Specifically, the artist wandered through areas that are considered dangerous for women in Athens and attempted to reclaim them through a series of performative actions. The result of this process is presented in a video where she uses a real-time GPS tracker application that allows her friends to follow her while making them temporarily responsible for her well-being. A red line, a sort of Ariadne’s thread, is used as a remnant of her routes, her deviations and her connections. As the artist rethinks vulnerability and resistance in the public space that was not designed to accommodate vulnerable bodies , she employs different techniques to merge into the urban fabric.’

exhibition view: Desire Lines, Snehta Gallery, Athens, Greece