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An ‘Isla’ embodies a new, yet transformed area. Where all systems are the result of socio-ecological disaster. Those who reach the island are in fact survivors of the wreckage, be it physical, ecological or cultural. Their dysfunctional remains are the basis for the creation of islands, which are themselves the result of a process of adaptation by the exiles, of separation from civilisation with its legal system, and of phenomena such as climate catastrophe, technological overdevelopment, moral relativism, sociological and urban problems.


Slavic goods


3D space for Popiel Studio, 2021

The return to local craftsmanship is a trend not only in design, but also in other fields such as interior design or art. The aim of this project is to reinterpret the most mysterious Pomeranian culture, whose representatives inhabited northern Poland and eastern Germany in pre-Christian times.

Popiel Studio creates vases based on photo geometric scans of actual archaeological objects. Each urn is 3D printed from high quality, 100% biodegradable PLA fibres.

This environment is a journey into ancient artistry and the distant past towards a contemporary, raw simplicity. 3D modelling merges here with our roots. Organic forms, real Slavic ancient drawing ornaments, natural elements - such as sand, rock or water - contribute to give the compositions a balanced and mystical look.

Vases treated as totemic symbols bring us back to the essence and history of human nature.