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An ‘Isla’ embodies a new, yet transformed area. Where all systems are the result of socio-ecological disaster. Those who reach the island are in fact survivors of the wreckage, be it physical, ecological or cultural. Their dysfunctional remains are the basis for the creation of islands, which are themselves the result of a process of adaptation by the exiles, of separation from civilisation with its legal system, and of phenomena such as climate catastrophe, technological overdevelopment, moral relativism, sociological and urban problems.



Objects, body & urban interaction, 2021 In progress

The urban tissue concentrated around organic bodies puts pressure on their physiology and psyche, requiring integration into them. Architectural barriers, fences, separate passages shape us and expect our body to learn to function and behave in it, like an inert mass.

Looking for analogies between the body and urban structures, I suggest possible interactions between human and non-human bodies through physical contact and touch. By examining the mutual relationship by creating various forms, I ask the question: do people shape space in cities, does this city shape people?

By combining organic materials such as gypsum, clay or agar with aggressive construction materials such as threaded rods, metal mesh or hollow bricks, I try to interpret the pressure of urban elements on our mass so that the objects penetrate each other, making it impossible to separate again.