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An ‘Isla’ embodies a new, yet transformed area. Where all systems are the result of socio-ecological disaster. Those who reach the island are in fact survivors of the wreckage, be it physical, ecological or cultural. Their dysfunctional remains are the basis for the creation of islands, which are themselves the result of a process of adaptation by the exiles, of separation from civilisation with its legal system, and of phenomena such as climate catastrophe, technological overdevelopment, moral relativism, sociological and urban problems.



Site-specific installation, 2019
Part of the exhibition ’Poland of our dreams’

The project explores the relationship between the idea and reality of the holiday experience in the context of Polish culture. Perhaps due to historical facts, economic inequalities and depressing, cloudy weather, Poles tend to complain and see the worst sides of every situation.

The installation becomes a time-travel machine, combining communist era objects such as marine-coloured pvc flooring and existing ceramic tiles with a clothesline, I created a dreamy interpretation of the of the idea of a holiday, where we can also be free from the frequent complaining and martyr culture.